Wednesday, May 27, 2015

photo contest winners

Photo Contest Winners!
No doubt it wasn't easy choosing winners here.

Ok, first to the winners, congratulations Lisa, Tom and Joseph!

We received many great images from birds building nests and feeding young to birds seen visiting backyard feeders.  The winning images along with about 50 others can be seen on the digital display at the shop.  Truth is, we wish we had a lot more prizes! Speaking of prizes, a big thanks to Vortex and Aspects, two of our favorite suppliers for their help with these and other items celebrating our 20th anniversary!

First Place and winner of a Diamondback 8x42 Binocular.
Osprey with fish by Lisa Cuchara
Tons of action with this beautiful osprey.  Perfect wing position, great eye contact and what a catch.  Congratulations Lisa!

Second Place and winner of an Aspects antique brass feeder with tray.
Tri-colored Heron by Tom Cuchara
Photography is all about painting with light which can make or break an image.  The warm soft buttery light on this just doesn't get any better.  Congratulations Tom!