Sunday, November 27, 2016

Heads or Tails

We just got back from a photo workshop that we led in Chincoteague. Great people and lots of fun and lots of learning!

We saw the wild horses (ponies) at Chincoteague and also at Assateague. Here are two horses, a mother and foal, which I titled "heads or tails" lol.

We were treated to a "surprise" newborn foal, umbilical cord still visible. The mother, Giggles, tested negative in the spring when they did the pregnancy tests on the horses; she surprised everyone by giving birth last week, very late in relation to the usual Spring and early Summer births.

The father, JOY, lol, was happy defending his harem.

Newborns have a 30 foot do not approach zone, longer than the "usual" zone which is no closer than ten feet away from a wild horse at Assateague (the horses are fences in at Chincoteague, although they do sometimes escape and you can see horse poop on the wildlife loop, etc).

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