Tuesday, January 31, 2017

from Sunday's workshop

Hi fellow photographers! Lisa and Tom Cuchara here of LisaandTomphotography.com. This past Sunday was an awesome workshop, all kinds of photo ops, still life, black-light, double polarization, water drops, dancing paint, food coloring water, fruit drops, smoke, etc. etc.

This event is a macro, flower, still life, set-up, and HiJinx photo opportunity that is something we do once or twice every winter. During the winter there are fewer landscape and flower opportunities, urban locations are cold and hard to plan with the New England weather. So we look forward to this indoor event as a way to quench our creative spirits and keep our photography interesting.

Now only will you come away with some interesting photographs but you will be inspired to set up your own table-top photography

I only had time to post-process a few images, but wanted to share them with you because we all had sooo much fun!!

When you have a favorite bottle and it breaks, do not throw it away :-)
My good friend Drea Koval taught me that last week !!!

Blacklight photography can make for some very interesting images. Tonic glows (imagine if we could look inside our bodies after we drink it??) we so you can put tonic water into intersting glassware and get some interesting effects

Vegetables and fruits always make for interesting subjects as well. I want to set up a vegetable/fruit shoot this winter and just concentrate on them! 

Some gear to help you with your indoor photography...
  • An extension tube is also great for getting in close. First, focus without it and then place the extension tube between your camera and your lens and get in closer by decreasing the minimum focusing distance.

  • You can also use this light tent, We keep one set up so we can place things inside and photograph them.
    • Savage Luminous Pro LED Shooting Tent (23.5")
    • Two daylight balanced LED light strips run from the front of the box to the rear ensuring shadowless light. The flicker-free LED color corrected (5500k + or - 200k) light source is designed to bring out the true colors of jewelry, collectibles & commercial products. The LED bulbs are low energy & long lasting, eliminating the need for frequent bulb replacement. 
    • www.huntsphotoandvideo.com/detail_page.cfm?productid=PC23&mfg=Savage&show=yes
We love purchasing our photo gear from Hunts Photos – they are big enough to have what you need but small enough to help you and stand by their product. Contact Alan Samiljan (asamiljan@huntsphoto.com or 781-462-2383) and let him know that you attended a class or a program or workshop with us (and/or read our blog) and he will give you discounts on the gear that we use.  Hunts Photo 100 Main St. Melrose, MA 02176 (781-662-8822). 

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