Friday, January 6, 2017

Longwood Gardens at Night

For the past few years Tom and I have led workshops in December at Longwood Gardens during their Christmas lights at night. Every year is different: the flowers and colors inside, and the lights and arrangements (and weather) outside.

This year Tom and I went back to Longwood for ourselves for the three day New Years Weekend.

Here is my interpretation of the large Tree near the main building...

Canon 5D Mark III Canon 24-70mm lens.
Long exposures (to get rid of the people, warmer nights mean more people, be careful what you wish for, lol)
and some Fun with post-processing

Every year this tree is different, but always a constant focal point...

The inspiration for this image was the year that it rained in December during our workshop. People were dedicated and got some great images. Interestingly enough the images were drastically different from any other year -- because the rain created awesome reflections. 
No rain this year, but I had this image in my head from that one rainy night.



I love finding old lightbulbs during our Urban explorations, so I created this wintery light bulb scene...

 oh what fun! I wish that we lived closer to Longwood...

Happy New Year!

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