Sunday, January 22, 2017

Nevada: Death Valley, Sand Dunes, International Car Forest, etc.

Tom and I have been going to Nevada to photograph for many years. Last week we taught our first workshop out West. It was great, we went all day and into many nights.

We went to Death Valley, a bunch of Ghost towns including Rhyolite and the International Car Forest, where we were treated to some wonderful SNOW. Seeing snow on the Joshua Tees was really cool!

International Car Forest -- and we had some snow!

Labyrinth, light painted at ~10pm

Open air museum, light painted 

We did a lot of light painting! I love the sky during our long night exposures. 
Tom painted this wagon, love it!

Tom captured this touching scene of momma and her baby 
in a herd of Burros on the way to Rhyolite.
lots of verticals went into creating this panorama of Mesquite Sand Dunes

I love the patterns and textures in the dried mud!

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