Thursday, February 9, 2017

Broken hearted over Abstracts

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I often see faces and other common objects (something referred to as pareidolia, it is an ancestral part of our brain that likely kept us alive back in the cave days).

When I am out photographing, regardless of the subject matter, I often take close-ups and abstracts, reflections, shadows, and yes even dried mud.  Sometimes the texture or the abstract is used with Blend modes in photoshop, other times the abstract becomes a photograph in and of itself.

See that rust in the car door?
it's a face...

See that peeling paint?
it's a texture

See that mud?
It’s a broken heart

We were recently in Nevada teaching a workshop and we drove over to Death Valley one day. The sand and dunes and clouds at the Mesquite Dunes were great, but I was also drawn to the abstracts. I saw these areas of dried mud and starting creating all sort of abstracts to be used in future post-processing creations, but when I "chimped" after taking this image (looking at back of the camera and the histogram) after snapping this particular picture I stopped right in my tracks as the broken heart beckoned me back to it. I took a dozen or so different compositions but the one below was my favorite. I enhanced it slightly in Adobe Camera RAW (ACR) by using the brush and darkening the heart portion selectively. There is so much that you can do in ACR to make your images POP that one does not always have to even open the image into Photoshop to enhance it at all.

broken hearted over abstracts photography by Connecticut photographer Lisa Cuchara

"Broken hearted"

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