Sunday, February 5, 2017

Fun with Blend modes

Hello fellow photographers! Lisa and Tom Cuchara here of We hope that you can join us on an upcoming photography class, tour or workshop.

For this image I just set my camera to "S" for STUN and had a lot of fun. Just kidding, none of my cameras have an "S" mode, but read on (and come to our workshops) and we will teach you how to access this "stun" mode :-)

In fact, Blend modes are one of my most popular subjects for both programs and hands-on workshops. When learning photoshop you first need to learn the basic tools, then learn layers and masks (the heart and soul of Photoshop) and then blend modes which are kind of like "the spices".

A Cowboy Flower, Creating Art with Blend modes final version photography by Connecticut photographer Lisa Cuchara

I had a lot of fun creating this image. We were at a restaurant in Death Valley in January for one of our recent workshops and I took some photographs of the restaurant entrance while waiting for people using the bathrooms. I adjusted my camera for some negative compensation to emphasize the outlining of the cowboys. I liked this particular cowboy best. This image exemplifies how you never know where you will see something that strikes your fancy...

Backlit Cowboy Nevada restaurant photography by Connecticut photographer Lisa Cuchara

This was an intermediate version created along the way, I like it was well since it is simpler, but the above image "won" for me because it looked more like a flower. 

Blended Flower Cowboy intermeidate version Nevada restaurant photography by Connecticut photographer Lisa Cuchara

During post-processing I first created a mirror image and then changed the blend mode until I found one that was pleasing and repeated those steps a few more times, ending up with this abstract image.

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