Sunday, October 8, 2017


Be safe my friends. There have been three sets of camera thefts recently from people that I know.

Tom and I travel with a cheap travel blanket or a cheap black sheet from Walmart to put over our gear. We also make sure not to fiddle or put away gear at restaurants and when parking in streets/parking lots (we do this all at a different location ahead of time).

We also try to remember to use our PacSafe products.  You notice I said try, it is easy to get complacent and think that it will not happen to you or it will not happen here, so we travel with the Pacsafes with us but we do not always go the extra effort to use them. We bring them with us when we fly and when we drive. The PacSafe locks to the D ring in the back of the car.

This Pacsafe will hold my Think Tank camera bag

and this kind can be fitted around larger camera bags and suitcases

and a slashproof lockable duffle bag

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