Saturday, December 16, 2017

Workshop -- Light Painting at Night -- at Old Car City

Wahoo, announcing something that we have been working on for yearsLight Painting at Night -- at Old Car City!!!!

Most of you know what Old Car City is...34 acres of amazing old cars and junk and nature reclaiming the cars. It is an awesome place, no place else on earth is like this place! 4,200 whole American cars 1972 and older. "Detroit may have designed these rides, but Mother Nature has done all the detailing"

This workshop is Jan 12 Friday 6pm-10pm -- we are going to have a blast light painting!!

Tom and I do a lot of light painting. We have light-painted at many different places, including other smaller car yards, but this one will be a real treat! Tom and I have been to Old Car City a bunch of times, and we can help direct you to make the most of your time there. You can view a few images from a previous trip here:

The price for this workshop also includes your admission for two daytime shoots: Friday 9am to 4pm and for Saturday 9am to 4pm Jan 13.

Register here:

"Old Car City USA in White, Georgia contains the world’s largest known classic car junkyard. Visitors enjoy the beautiful vegetation of the deep south that intertwines with the hundreds of cars that reside in Old Car City. Old Car City started as a Car Dealership in 1931 and is still family owned and operated. Come enjoy the Old South environment, folk art, ghosts of beautiful classic cars, and much more. "

Most people chose to fly into Atlanta and then drive up (~45 miles)  to Cartersville. We are staying at the Best Western again, but we have also stayed at the cheaper Red Roof Inn and Super 8 across the street and we know lots of people that have stayed at the Hilton and Hampton Inn right down the next exit too. Travel expenses, hotel and food are not included in the admission price. 

FYI, There is a bathroom at Old Car City. There is also a diner across the street for lunch.

Things to bring:

  • tripod
  • cable release (you will want to have exposures greater than 30 seconds so a sable release is needed for most cameras, unless your camera has a built-in timer like a few of the newer models, but even then a cable release is often easier at night)
  • Camera and lots of memory cards and extra batteries
  • wide angle lens
  • if you own a macro or a 70-200 type you can bring that too, you have access to your car all day. 
  • Sturdy shoes, we wear hiking boots
  • headlight with a red light for seeing at night
  • red flashlight for seeing your camera dials at night
  • flashlight for light painting
  • You do NOT need to have any night photography experience to attend. You should know how to change your ISO and your aperture, but Tom can show you that during the daylight hours if you do not. 
  • You can choose to stay with us and light paint with us, or you can work on your own, we will suggest that those that choose to work on their own go off with a partner.
Old Car City USA is more than a classic car junkyard. It’s “the promise land for junkyard dreamers!”

If you have Monday off and choose to fly home Monday instead of Sunday there is a pretty cool old jail with tons of professional graffiti [Atlanta Prison Farm]

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  1. I so so want to go to this and so do two of my friends but we cannot come in Januaury. If you repeat this workshop pease let me know ASP. Thanks. Love your book too