Thursday, January 11, 2018

Car details

Sometimes when you see an interesting subject you first take the wide angle and then you are compelled to capture the details.

After taking a few photos of this taxi. I wanted to capture some details. The headlight/grill composition was my favorite.

This taxi driver had been driving us around for most of the week in a different car. Tom showed such an interest in his car that he eventually communicated with us that he would bring his older more special car out on the 25th Feliz-i-dads. What a treat to be able to ride in these old cars!

From that front headlight/grill image I duplicated the layer and flipped it, and then made it square

Then I applied filter, distort, polar coordinates

and then duplicated that layer, flipped it and changed the blend mode

and with that version I saw faces, pareidolia galore...

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