Saturday, January 6, 2018

Cuba -- the people

When we went to Cuba we knew that we were going to love the classic cars (seeing so many driving around never got old, we usually see them in a junkyard here in the USA so every one was a treat), and we knew that we were going to enjoy the decayed architecture of this amazing place. We knew that we would find empty chairs waiting to be sat upon and interesting old people to photograph, But we wanted more, we wanted to make sure that we intereacted with the people on more than a tourist level. And what a joy that was. The people were open and friendly and just amazing.

You can check out our galleries for more images, although we have sooooo many great images yet to edit, we will be updating this gallery for a while. 

I loved taking photos of the children. I asked the parents first, they all said yes, I took a lot of the photos in the early monring hours, often catching the mom or dad walking their child to school in the morning.


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