Sunday, January 7, 2018


Sometimes when we come upon a scene we are lucky enough to be granted a sequence -- and we can capture a series of photos to tell s short story.

One (of the many) things that was really endearing about Cuba was the baskets. Most of the "casas" require walking up/down several flights of stairs. So when the doorbell rings the owners look out their window or over the top of their terrace and see who is there, and then they will lower down a basket or a rope to let their guest access the key. These baskets are also used to buy bread and flowers and such from vendors walking the streets. The last photo with the shadow is one of my favorites...

For this second series, I decided to ask the subject to move into better light, which in this case was a challenge since my spanish is very very limited. I pointed to my camera and sort of mimed and used Italian (my hands) to indicate that I wanted to take their photo "over there" LOL I smiled amd mimed and hand gestured alot to make up for my poor command of their language.

I loved watching them but the light was just too contrasty...

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