Thursday, February 15, 2018

Save 20% on Topaz DeHaze

Save 20% on Topaz DeHaze

A 20% discount on the Topaz Studio Dehaze Adjustment with code: "Dehaze20" from February 12 - February 18th

Unlike the competition, DeHaze has the ability to recover contrast and saturation without the addition of artifacts and color fringing.
Most DeHaze tools simply boost contrast and saturation to combat haze. Topaz DeHaze builds an atmospheric profile of the haze in your image, including estimation of the depth of your subject to accurately reverse the effects of atmospheric haze, smoke, fog, or light pollution in your image.

Topaz Studio - DeHaze Adjustment

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  • We just love, love, love their products. We use Clarity or Adjust on the majority of our images.
  • Enter the discount use code breaphotos for 15% off Topaz products

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