Friday, June 1, 2018

November 2-3 2018 Old Car City Light painting at NIGHT with THREE instructors

Nov. 2-3 Old Car City; TWO daylight shoots & one NIGHT Shoot (Light painting) with THREE instructors

Old Car City is amazing during the day -- but at night it has even more WOW

We are excited to be pairing up with Mike Moats for Light Painting at Night at Old Car City!!
By pairing up with Mike are able to make this unique opportunity more affordable! 

You can register here:
or here

Tom and I have been to Old Car City a bunch of times so we will help direct you to make the most of your time there. Come and practice your Macro photography, learn about HDR Capture, and Creative in-camera Techniques. 

Price includes entrance during the day Friday and Saturday too.

Questions? Please email us at LisaandTomphotography [at]

Check out some of our images of cars at night here

You can view a few photographs from previous trips to Old Car City here:

Please note that all of our workshops require the participants sign a liability waiver. Download it here; then print, read and sign it and bring it with you, Thanks!
Please note that some locations will have you sign their liability waiver at the site as well.

Things to Bring:
-- Camera that has bulb mode (you will be shooting for longer than 30 seconds);
-- extra batteries
-- Sturdy tripod
-- Cable release (if you have a wired and a wireless cable release bring both as this is the piece of equipment most likely to fail and you want it for the 30 second to five-minute exposures

Suggested Night and Light Painting Gear:

  • RED preserve your night vision while walking or changing your camera settings
  • Flashlight for light painting (try to get one that does not have a hotspot in the center
  • A flashlight with colors can be fun

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