Friday, July 27, 2018

Family photographs

Here are two images, taken at the exact same time during a family photo session. One was taken using two off-camera flashes with light stands and light modifiers and the other was taken with the same camera make/model at the same time without flash as a teaching tool to have as a comparison for a teaching program. 

The images on the right were photographed professionally and then processed using Adobe Camera RAW (using the graduated density filter to bring out the sky in the upper left image).

Cheryl's parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and their gift was -- a family photo session. Priceless. 

We have been photographing Cheryl and Charles and their family for about nine years. About a year after they got married we took the images on the left. 

The image on the lower left with the two girls giggling has to be one of my top ten favorite portraits that I have ever taken! I just love the way that Ally and Elli are sharing in that moment.  
About two years later, along they were back with their wonderful little boy Levi, whose name means "to join" How can you not laugh seeing him tug Allyson's pigtail? 

Fast forward to today and Elli drover herself to the photo shoot and is looking for what college to attend.

Q: When is the best time to hire a professional to take your family photographs? 
A: Now 

Q: Isn't hiring a professional to take our family photographs expensive? 
A: No it is priceless

Q: But shouldn't I wait until I lose weight? 
A: No, your children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren are going to look at that family photo and admire everyone in it, they are not going to say, well, we wish mom had waited until she lost weight before taking that photograph. 

Q: What is your definition of family?
A: two or more two or four-legged loved ones

We don't remember Days, we remember moments...

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