Friday, November 16, 2018

Finding the Joy in Snow

I hate the cold. I know, hate is a strong word, but I really hate being cold. Like I keep the heated seats on 364 days a year, not lying, A/C blasting and heated seats are ON!

I don't hate the snow, just wish it did not come with such cold weather, LOL. Alas, I do dislike the snow because of the ambiguity it brings -- of not being able to plan things in the winter due to cancellations or get places due to bad roads and/or bad drives.

So this November storm really got me. 7" of snow -- and bitter cold - ick.

But I realized that if I did not find the joy in the snow there would still be snow and I would just not have joy. 

And when I looked out the window and saw the fall leaves painted all around the yard on the clean icy snow I got out my camera and enjoyed the snow. What a palette Mother Nature created for me to stand in awe and photograph!

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