Friday, May 31, 2019

Kudos to Tom

Kudos to Tom!

Tom has been volunteering to photograph events like Teen Night Out, Quinceañeras, Foster Family Night Out, LifeTime For a Weekend, etc. etc. for many many years. He loves being able to give back -- and is happy that he can share his gift of photography.

This week he was recognized and given a plaque of appreciation! he was totally surprised and did not even realize that they were calling his name up to the stage. I had to run up and grab his photo, I missed the one while he was on the stage because he was moving too fast, but grabbed these as he came off the stage.

The event was, as they always are, full of emotion and amazement! I loved the attention to details and the symbolism, for example, for this event they served the food 'family style'. Scroll down to see the messages at the candy table too.