Saturday, April 25, 2020

Heart in the Sky and Star Trails

Tom noticed that the big dipper and the north are over our house, so he decided to take the Olympus EM1 mark III and 8mm lens outside and try out the new Starry AF feature (works well!).

Tom noticed that there is a heart shape (see below) in the sky above our house. Join our email list to find out about our photography classes, tours, and workshops, as well as photo ops, post-processing, creativity, gear, etc.

Camera Model: E-M1MarkIII
Lens: OLYMPUS M.8mm F1.8; Focal length: 8mm; Focal length: 16mm (in 35mm film)
Exposure mode: Manual (Bulb --> Live Composite mode)
Aperture: 4
ISO: 1600
Shutter speed: 10 sec frames; 544 frames for a total of ~90 minutes -- stacked in-camera on lighten blend mode

Tom saw the heart shape first above the house, top left, and then noticed the big dipper in the heart-shaped sky, upper right, he followed the big dipper to the North Star and then set his camera on Live composite mode, which only added NEW light, which means that he can get star trails despite the light pollution in our town. Live Composite is fun for star trials, light painting inside and outside, fireworks, car trails, etc. It gives you an image straight out of camera that does not need stacking in Photoshop.
He used Starry night AF (a new AI feature in the new EM1 mark III camera) to focus on the stars.

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