Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Lightbox photography: Part of our "Artist in Residence" pandemic series

Tom and I are making the best of this 'Stay at Home' directive by viewing it as our "Artist in Residence" period

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Tom and I currently have two articles in the #HomeWithOlympus series

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We are staying inside and doing our part to "flatten the curve" by creating images with humor, creativity and/or beauty. Minimally, we hope that our images caused you to pause and smile or forget about this strange new world for a second. And optimally, we hope that our pandemic images inspire you to get the camera out (at home) and create something. We would love to see what you are creating, tag us on Facebook when you post something that was inspired by our "Artist in Residence" series of images.

The images below were taken on a lightbox. 

FYI, Any lightbox will do, even an old slide slight box, although newer lightboxes and lightpads have better white balance optimized bulbs  

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