Thursday, November 25, 2021

Nik and Pure RAW software on sale

Tom and I use the Nik plugin filters for creative editing. About half of our images are SOOC (straight out of camera) but the other half we enjoy creative editing. 
Nik is on sale for Black Friday. 
Order here

Tom and I also use the DxO PureRAW for noise reduction. I have done side by side comparisons with many noise reduction software (Topax AI clear replaced Topaz Denoise, but not PureRAW is superior to all other products. 

Purchase PureRAW here

FYI, Tom and I do not use the DxO Photolab as we like the control that Adobe ACR and Nik offers

You can compare the default ACR settings (sharpening = 40) in Adobe Camera RAW going into Photoshop (same as the lightroom develop module) here to the next version, where the noise was processed with DxO PureRAW. Images can actually look noisier in Adobe software than in the native software so we have changed the RAW defaults to sharpening = 0 for ORF RAW files)

PureRAW from DxO is a game-changer for high ISO images, like this one, and also for low ISO images where the image was underexposed (typically you want to expose to the right)

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